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Beth is an energetic and warm therapist who specializes in childhood trauma. Beth attempts to tackle tough issues through creative and innovative methods. Using a strong therapeutic relationship as a base, Beth works with children and families to find solutions and make meaning of traumatic events within a timeframe the child directs. Beth works with primary caregivers and other providers to create a unique treatment plan tailored to each child’s needs. When working with younger children, Beth uses play therapy to allow the child to process their experience through play in a contained and supportive space. As the clients progress in their development, many engage in talk therapy, which provides an open and honest mode of communication for adolescents and young adults. Beth specializes in mental health issues resulting from, trauma and abuse causing issues with impulse control, ADHD, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and grief. Beth works with adults as well creating parenting goals, and self-exploration. With all clients, Beth encourages humor and fun into the process, creating a strong and trustworthy therapeutic relationship.

Beth also offers Animal Assisted Therapy with her dog, Franklin through the Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. Animal Assisted Therapy focuses on impulse control, social skills development, sensory struggles, attachment and much more. Children over 6 can participate in Animal Assisted Therapy with Franklin, a 6 year old mixed breed pup. Franklin loves being outdoors, chasing squirrels, hiking, swimming, and relaxing in the sun. Franklin also enjoys being tucked into blankets and napping. Franklin is very smart and is happy learning new tricks and getting treats.

Beth is a New England native, graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Gender Studies as well as her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Saint Michael’s College. Beth is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the state if Colorado.

In her free time, Beth likes to play with Lego Bricks, ski, read Harry Potter, and Sew.