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​ Earth-shaking events along a San Andreas fault line in Southern California and a job offer in Colorado just a few months later, became the trajectory that landed Cindy and family in Colorado on the 4th of July in 1995. The family rented a circa 1920s, 2 bedroom, 1 CLOSET, bungalow in Downtown Loveland and declared Loveland their home for the next three years until, once again, life "happened" and the family made an out-of-state move to take a job at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska.
The next 12 years brought Cindy and her family drama, trauma and change. Loss of jobs, loss of a home due to natural disaster, many more moves, struggling with a family member's mental health diagnosis, marital problems, death and more. One of the biggest challenges was a brain tumor diagnosis. Cindy has overcome every challenge life has thrown at her. Sometimes, just barely! She overcame this life-altering challenge and returned to college at age 36 to earn a Master's Degree in Counseling. Turns out that "therapizing" people is her jam! 
Cindy returned to Colorado in 2007 as a Licensed Professional Child and Family Counselor, Child and Family Investigator, trained Victim Advocate, ADHD specialist, educator and author. She is so thankful that she had a career to turn to when her marriage blew apart and she needed to take care of herself and help her two kids stay focused on getting out on their own over the next few years… Particularly when her daughter and grandchild became victims of abuse at the hands of a mentally ill husband and father. 
Cindy spent the next 10 years in private practice. NOCO residents knew Cindy as "that coffee cup counselor" as she counseled kids, adults and families around kitchen tables all over NOCO. The Kitchen Table is an icon representing family and life. Even those who have not lived in a traditional family are aware of kitchen table symbolism. The kitchen table represents warmth, acceptance, hope, security, family, friends -  the essence of life. What better place to do the work of healing one’s soul and mental health? Today, Cindybrings that Kitchen Table vibe to her KidStuff clients in Loveland, Colorado. 
Cindy is known for pulling good-hearted pranks on unsuspecting friends, family and co-workers. When she's not in her counseling office, she may be out walking - collecting pebbles, sticks and branches for use in her artwork or she might be at home in her kitchen whipping up a batch of brownies using the family's "top secret" brownie recipe. Come talk with Cindy. Have a brownie. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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