I was always that kid who was living a second life in my imagination. Little did most people know that at any given moment a large portion of my mental capacity was dedicated to dreaming about the ability to fly, be a Jedi, and/or be a superhero who saves the world. At one point I gave up on these dreams, but in my early twenties I discovered yoga and mindfulness and decided that perhaps I shouldn't be so rash. I earned my Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder and, prior to that, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from Humboldt State University in Northern California. I also received specialized training in addictions, trauma, attachment, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, meditation, and Gestalt Therapy. 
To begin my career I dedicated 6 years to working with clients within the justice system in Boulder County. It was an outstanding way to rack up amazing experience with a breadth of mental health disorders while also doing something that I could feel truly proud of. Though I moved into private practice, I'm still firmly committed to the cause of helping the underdog. In 2018 I was excited to get on the TEDxCU stage and share why I believe doing humane work with the inmate population is of value to the rest of the world. This year I also helped begin a non-profit in Boulder that offers authentic relating training workshops to the incarcerated population (http://authenticrelating.org/) and to the public (www.authenticrelatingtraining.com). Other professional activities include mentoring local Colorado kids, as well as maintaining my private practice. 
I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my partner Jade, seven-year-old son Orrin and three-year-old daughter Aurelia. I spend most of my spare time outside, playing in my garden, and dressing both my kids up like superheroes and allowing them to beat me up.

Jaymaya Kessler, MA, LPC


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