Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality behavioral health services with excellent ethical standards and high success rates. We provide innovative, evidence-based outpatient behavioral health services incorporating the expressive arts.

KidStuff Counseling, P.C. strives to provide our clients with a safe, accepting and welcoming environment in which our clients learn new skills to help navigate life’s challenges.

We recognize the privilege it is to share in our clients’ private experience, challenges and successes. Through openness, safe personal expression and therapeutic relationship, we guide clients through processing past emotional pain and moving forward to emotional wellness.

KidStuff Counseling, P.C. is proud to be one of the only specialized pediatric behavioral health providers in Colorado. We know that kids respond to different techniques than do adults. We provide a variety of expressive therapies which have been proven to reduce psychological symptomology and increase overall wellness and health.

Unlike other behavioral health practices, all of our providers are fully licensed in the state of Colorado. With that oversight and expertise, you get the best providers available for your family.

KidStuff Counseling, P.C. knows that your child will thrive in a loving home. We also treat adults! and incorporate family therapy whenever necessary. We’re proud to be the place where your entire family can learn, heal and grow together.

Core Values: KidStuff Counseling C-A-R-E-S

Our core values are behind every interaction with our clients, our team and community.


toward your emotional struggles and experience


of your uniqueness and personal choices


for your belief system and core beliefs


for finding your voice and personal boundaries


engaging you with genuineness, transparency and honesty

With multiple locations serving northern Colorado, KidStuff Child & Family Counseling, P.C. is committed to providing high quality, affordable and accessible counseling services for the entire family. Our highly skilled, experienced professionals provide caring and compassionate outpatient behavioral health services. We understand that the decision to begin therapy can often seem scary and takes a lot of courage to reach out for help. However, our team will be there for you every step of the way offering support, comfort and guidance. Our counselors are here to help you and your child navigate everyday, developmental and environmental factors which can cause significant stress for the individual or family. Every situation is unique and there will not be a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach to helping you reach your wellness goals.

The therapists at KidStuff Child and Family Counseling, P.C. have an abundance of experience in both behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. We incorporate a wide variety of therapeutic techniques depending upon each person’s needs and belief system. We understand that having a healthy support system is crucial to treatment and we work to involve family members whenever possible. We provide a thorough assessment and develop a customized treatment plan with you to help you reach your wellness goals.

We offer afternoon and evening hours when available, as well as Telehealth Counseling sessions. We accept CO State Medicaid, Victims Compensation, and some insurances plans as well.