Getting Started with Counseling Services

How Do I Know If Counseling Is Right For Me?

If you or your child feel overwhelmed, stressed, sad, angry, depressed, frustrated or another unpleasant emotion, counseling may help. If you or your child are exhibiting unproductive or maladaptive behaviors or have seen an unsettling change in behavior, you may benefit from counseling.

Some of the problematic behaviors for children may include anger outbursts, emotional meltdowns, clinging or withdrawn behavior, aggressive acts, crying spells, stomaches, refusal to go to school or other events, lying, harming self or others or another concerning behavior, counseling can help. 

What Can I Expect When I Make The First Call?

Each new client will first be scheduled with a licensed behavioral health provider who serve as your Intake Therapist. The Intake Therapist will meet with you to discuss your unique situation and goals, explore different treatment options, and assist you in getting connected to the most appropriate resources within or outside of KidStuff Counseling, P.C.  Please allow 60-minutes for your initial visit.  All appointments are confidential and we follow strict confidentiality and ethical guidelines.

Once you schedule your first appointment, you will be given a special link to our secure, online Client Portal.  Once you sign up, it’s very important to complete the online first visit forms prior to your appointment. That will allow more time during your visit for your Intake Therapist to address your needs.

How Do I Prepare For The First Appointment?

1. Please have your Medicaid or Commercial Insurance card ready. We will need the member ID and other important demographic information to get started. If you have a commercial insurance policy, we will need your member ID, group number and provider phone number located on your insurance card.  We will verify your health insurance benefits prior to your first appointment and notify you with that information.

2. Have your schedule available to help us better assist you in setting up your first appointment.

3. If you have a child under the age of 12 seeking counseling services, the child must be present for the intake appointment. Persons 12 years of older may legally consent to his or her own counseling services with or without a parent or guardian present or in agreement with medically necessary behavioral health services. The Intake Counselor will make this determination. 

What Happens Next?

After you have completed your first appointment with the Intake Counselor, you will be referred to the counselor on our KidStuff Counseling, P.C. team would be the best fit for your needs and schedule.  This person will serve as your Ongoing Counselor.

IMPORTANT: The therapeutic relationship between a counselor and client is THE number one factor determining success in counseling. Therefore, the next step in your treatment, the assignment of your Ongoing Counselor is very important. While we strive to get each client scheduled with an Ongoing Counselor for a follow-up appointment right away, the urgency is often determined by schedules of both you and our providers. The assignment of your Ongoing Counselor is contingent upon the counselor’s availability, schedule, and treatment specialties as well as your availability, insurance carrier, age, symptomology and personality. We also match you with a provider within your insurance’s provider network to help lower your costs for services. We can almost always have you assigned to your Ongoing Counselor within a week or two from your first initial appointment with the Intake Counselor. However, at times, the assignment may take a little longer. Knowing how important the fit is between you and your Counselor, we encourage and appreciate your patience with making this assignment. 

If after your initial assessment appointment with your Intake Counselor and at least 2 weeks time you have not heard from your Ongoing Counselor, Please contact us to inquire about your assignment. We can provide you an update immediately.

Then What?

After a match has been made, your Ongoing Counselor will contact you for scheduling your first appointment with them and treatment will begin. Your Ongoing Counselor and you will determine goals for treatment, explore treatment options and develop a customized treatment plan for you.

What Will Counseling Be Like?

Your counseling sessions will be unique to you or your family. Services depend upon your needs and preferences for treatment options. KidStuff Counseling, P.C. utilizes various evidenced traditional, expressive and new therapeutic models and techniques. On the average, a client will meet weekly with their counselor for a traditional 50 minute session. Techniques may include anything including talk therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, play, art, music or trauma-informed yoga therapies. See “Services Provided” for more information about therapeutic techniques and interventions.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

Usually, for less intensive or brief solution-focused counseling, services may occur at a weekly frequency for 3-6 months. For more intensive or severe symptomology, treatment will continue as progress is made toward treatment goals.

Does Counseling Really Work?

Yes! Years and years of research has proven that the brain is pliable and resilient with competent and ethical psychological treatment. Although treatment options may vary, the techniques we utilize have been proven effective throughout multiple, longitudinal studies. Improvements in technology have also been responsibility for significant advancements in psychological treatment. Science has realized that the head and the body are attached with the brain in control of it all. A healthy brain equals a healthy whole person. Multiple awareness campaigns to remove the stigma surrounding psychological treatment have helped to educate the public about the availability of successful treatment. Today there is simply and absolutely no reason to suffer from psychological challenges. 

To schedule your first appointment, call us at (970) 775-7061.

Have an Emergency and Need to Talk to Someone Right Away? Please call the Colorado Crisis Hotline at 844-493-TALK     (1-844-493-8255)

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