Child and Family Counseling PC

Have an Emergency and Need to Talk to Someone Right Away?
Please call the Colorado Crisis Hotline at 844-493-TALK (1-844-493-8255) o
r Text “TALK” to 38255

How Do I Know if Counseling Will Help?

Counseling may help if…

You or someone you care about are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, sad, anxious, or experiencing a range of emotions that feel difficult navigate.

You or someone you care about are having feelings of suicidality or wanting to self-harm.

You or someone you care about have experienced trauma and you want support to process what happened or are feeling the impact of the trauma in your daily life.

You or someone you care about are having difficulty navigating social, school, or work environments.

You or someone you care about are experiencing life transitions impacting daily functioning and wellbeing.

You find it beneficial to have a non-judgmental person to listen to your confidential struggles.

What Can I Expect When I Call KidStuff?

When you call 970-775-7061 for therapy services…

One of our supportive administrative team will answer the phone, return your call when you leave a message, or respond to your website/email inquiry.

They will help you to begin the process of being scheduled with a therapist by asking for a brief description of what led you to call for services, what your schedule looks like, and help you navigate options for paying for services (Medicaid, insurance, CARE pay).

If we are not able to offer an appointment within a week or two of your call, we will place you on our waiting list which is monitored and updated daily.

Once you are scheduled for your first appointment, you will be sent an invitation to our client portal for you to fill out necessary forms prior to your first appointment.

What Can I Expect in the First Appointment?

It is helpful to fill out the forms in your client portal prior to your first appointment. If the forms are not completed prior to the first appointment, your therapist will help you complete and sign the necessary forms.

If the client is a child under the age of 12 seeking counseling services, both child and legal guardian must be present for the intake appointment.

Persons 12 years of older may legally consent to their own counseling services with or without a legal guardian present.

What Happens Next?

After the initial session…

Your counseling sessions will be unique to you and your needs. Your therapist will collaborate with you on a treatment plan, therapeutic modalities, and session frequency that fit for your needs.

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