Jenni Barker Santopietro, PhD, LPC

Jenni loves life, even when the world feels challenging. She was born in Ohio, raised in New Mexico, and has lived in Colorado since 1993. Jenni feels very connected to the southwest, and some of her identities other than counselor are white, female, mother/daughter/sister/spouse, able-bodied, violist, and nature-inspired spiritual.

Jenni’s first degree was in music therapy, and she devoted her life in that era to creating music with people with developmental disabilities. When she got her master’s in counseling, she spent the first 10 years working as a school counselor primarily at the middle school level. Even now, middle school age people are her favorite people to be around!

Following her time working in the schools, Jenni began working for KidStuff serving people of all ages with diverse needs. Working for KidStuff helped her to deepen her clinical skills, and all the talented (and fun!) clinicians helped Jenni to realize how much she likes learning from and mentoring counselors in all stages of their careers.

In 2017, Jenni decided to pursue a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Northern Colorado. She is happy to be working with KidStuff again in her new role as clinical supervisor, and her approach to counseling and supervising is through a creative, relational, trauma-informed, and attachment lens.  

Jenni is EMDR Therapy trained and is also an adjunct professor for Saybrook University and the University of Northern Colorado teaching counseling/school counseling courses.

Jenni enjoys canoeing, kayaking, and Zumba, and she and her spouse and have 6 kids between us whom they think are all cool and kind people!