Laurie Underwood Bruntz, MA, LPC.

Business Office

Laurie specializes in helping kids and families resolve issues associated with abuse, neglect and other trauma including disasters, accidents, acts of violence and others. Originally from a small town in Texas, Laurie dreamed of living in the mountains and raising her children among the safe, beautiful, and healthy lifestyle that Colorado has to offer. As a single mother, Laurie worked through college as a teaching and research assistant as well as a board operator at a local television station. Through hard work, determination, and perseverance, she excelled in studies of art and clinical psychology. In 1998, Laurie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, and in 2000, Laurie earned a Master’s degree in Clinical / Counseling Psychology both from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. After working five years at the local and regional mental health center, Laurie was well prepared in a variety of clinical work including assessment, therapeutic intervention, skills training, supervision, treatment teams, and crisis interventions. Laurie worked intensively with chronically mentally ill children and adults. In 2005, Laurie moved to Colorado to establish her home and private practice. Laurie fully believes that the reason she is so effective and good at what she does is that she has personally experienced a great deal of life experience that many of her families struggle with and that she enjoys the work she does so much. Clients enjoy Laurie’s personal, genuine, relaxed style. Laurie uses humor and sensitivity to help children engage in the therapeutic process. Kids look forward to visits. ​Since establishing Colorado as her home, Laurie has remarried and has two daughters.

Wonder Woman Client Care Award