Leah Carter, MS, LPCC
Grand Junction

I have my masters in mental health counseling and am a LPCC. Prior to receiving my Master’s in counseling, I was working on a BA in special education.

During my internship I was teaching at an institution for children with severe behavioral disorders. It was during this time I realized I wanted to not only understanding their behaviors, but find ways to overcome them. So, I set out to receive my Master’s in Counseling.

I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and adults. I use an array of modalities depending on the need of the individual. So, I may use play therapy, CBT, mindfulness, DBT, and whatever technique I feel would best assist an individual on their path to leading a healthy, fulfilled life. I believe for a moment I walk beside them on their path to provide the tools so they don’t veer in the wrong direction. Once an individual feels ready, I step off their path with them and wave good bye as I watch them continue walking forward with confidence on their own journey loaded with a tool bag full of techniques to pull out whenever needed to make sure their journey is a fulfilling one!

In my spare time I love reading, biking, hiking and spending time with the people I love. My personal therapy is cooking and researching recipes. Everything I make is with love and that’s why my meals turn out well because of that secret ingredient!