M. Jennifer Lewis, MA, LPC


As a mental health therapist, Jen has counseled individuals from preschool to senior ages. Jen’s therapeutic approach is foremost client-centered and embraces mind-body-spirit. Jen likes to meet each of her clients where they are (mindset) at any given moment. She meets each client with non-judgement, openness, and authenticity. Jen believes being authentic on all possible levels is the most effective way to heal and move forward. Therefore, she encourages her clients to be authentic and move at a pace they are most comfortable with. Jen supports clients as they strive toward self-empowerment, healing, and growth, by encouraging clients to keep moving forward. Jen created a healing concept that embodies Awareness, Knowledge, Acceptance, and Action. She brings her compassion, acceptance, and authenticity to every session. Jen sees each client as an individual with individual experiences and needs. She is mindful of the fact no two individuals are exactly alike; therefore, no therapeutic approach works for all clients even though they may have similar struggles. 
In addition, when working with children and adolescents, Jen often incorporates artistry and play into the session. She is aware some younger clients may find it difficult to trust, share, and express themselves to an adult. So, Jen utilizes a play and create approach to ease the discomfort. In the therapist-young client relationship, connection, acceptance, non-judgement, and play are very important and often lead to significant growth and healing.
Jen has personal experience raising her three children as a single parent while taking classes at local colleges and universities. She has experienced military life while married to her children’s father, who eventually retired from the Army. Jen’s helping-service career path has allowed her to work with many different ages. She has over a decade working in early child development, has worked as a tutor for school aged children, and worked as a nursing assistant for seniors. Jen has shared her knowledge and experience through creating and facilitating an online codependency support group that focused on self-empowerment. She also contributed to a non-profit agency doing outpatient therapy with children, adolescents, adults, and families.
Jen’s professional education started with a passion to guide and support others along their healing path. Initially, she sought out a career in nursing. As she walked the path of her own healing journey, Jen learned nursing was not her calling. So, Jen turned down her acceptance to nursing school and went on to graduate from Portland State University with a BS in psychology. While at PSU, Jen took courses in Native American psychology, the psychology of spiritual awareness, and more. Jen then traveled to Colorado to start her graduate studies at Naropa University in Boulder. Naropa introduced Jen to client-centered therapy, play therapy, mindfulness, meditation, gestalt therapy, and so much more. Jen graduated from Naropa University with an MA in transpersonal counseling. Her passion to support and guide others along their healing path through mental health counseling was her calling. Jen believes the path to authentic happiness is paved through healing the mind, body, and spirit.