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Category: General Westminster - How Money Works for Kids

Westminster - How Money Works for Kids

October 7, 2023


Join our "How Money Works for Kids" class!

🔑 Unlock Financial Success from a Young Age!

Are you a parent or guardian looking to empower your child with essential financial skills? Look no further! Our engaging and interactive class is tailored for children aged 12 and up, helping them navigate the world of money with confidence and savvy.

🌈 What We Cover:

✅ Budgeting Basics: Teach your kids the art of managing money wisely.

✅ Saving Strategies: Show them how to build a bright financial future.

✅ Smart Spending: Equip them to make informed choices.

✅ The Power of Investing: Plant the seeds for financial growth.

✅ Real-Life Scenarios: Learn through fun and practical exercises.

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