Child and Family Counseling PC

Victoria Russo

License #: LPC.0020426

Ages: All Ages

Availability: In-Person, Virtual

Areas of Focus: Disability, Life-Changing Diagnosis, Seniors.

Specialties: Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Art. 

Accepted Insurances:

Victoria is a compassionate and experienced professional here at KidStuff Counseling. She is driven by a deep passion for supporting individuals and families at every stage of life. With a rich and diverse background, she brings a wealth of expertise in case management, mental health treatment, and service provision. Her professional journey has encompassed aiding children and adults diagnosed with disabilities, veterans facing homelessness, and seniors. She has dedicated her service to guiding those who have received and are living with life-changing diagnoses, including physical, intellectual, cognitive, and mental health conditions.

Victoria’s therapeutic approach is rooted in creating a non-judgmental space where both children and adults can explore their true selves and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences. She places a strong emphasis on nurturing the path to understanding and developing long-term coping skills, recognizing that this empowerment can lead to meaningful changes in people’s lives and the strengthening of their relationships. Her practice embraces a holistic perspective, acknowledging the multitude of intersections that shape each individual’s unique journey.

Art and creativity are integral components of Victoria’s therapeutic toolkit, often incorporated into her sessions to enhance self-expression and self-discovery. She believes that creative expression can serve as a powerful avenue for healing and self-growth.

Victoria’s academic foundation is robust, having earned her degrees at the University of Northern Colorado. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a focus on Psychology and Anthropology, as well as a Master’s degree specializing in Rehabilitation Counseling, with a particular emphasis on vocational assistance for individuals with disabilities. In addition to her academic achievements, Victoria is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and holds her LPC license, underscoring her commitment to professional excellence and her dedication to helping others.

With her diverse background, holistic approach, and a commitment to embracing the unique experiences of all individuals, Victoria is an invaluable asset to our KidStuff team. Her creative and empathetic therapeutic techniques create a nurturing environment where children and adults can find understanding, healing, and the tools to navigate life’s challenges.

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