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Joy Thellmann, M.Ed., LPCC
License #:
Colorado Springs

Joy is a compassionate and dedicated professional with a profound commitment to helping her clients find healing and growth. Her passion lies in creating a safe and nurturing space for individuals to unravel from their trauma and embark on a journey towards emotional well-being. Joy’s primary therapeutic approach is brain spotting, a modality she has found to be incredibly effective in accelerating the healing process for her clients. Her ultimate goal is to empower her clients to take the knowledge and tools they gain during counseling to continue their healing independently, and she firmly believes that brain spotting is a valuable tool in achieving this.

With a rich and diverse background in various counseling roles, including education, career counseling, and pastoral counseling, Joy brings a wealth of experience to KidStuff. She has worked with both children and adults and values meeting people where they are, regardless of their background or life circumstances.

Joy’s philosophy centers on the belief that every individual deserves to be heard and allowed to live authentically as they see themselves. She holds two mottos close to her heart: “We all need inner healing; the strong and brave will seek it out,” and “To ASSUME only makes an Ass out of you- (u) and me.”

Education is a cornerstone of Joy’s professional journey, having earned her Master’s in Education in Counseling from the University of Central Oklahoma, complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her career trajectory has taken her through diverse experiences, equipping her with a unique perspective on the varied challenges people face.

Joy’s specialties include trauma and PTSD, parent and child interaction, panic attacks, depression, low self-worth, DID, CHURCH TRAUMA, racial identity/trauma, grief, anger management, parenting, codependency, caregiver issues, creative blocks, shame, emotional abuse, and LGBT issues. She also offers Christian counseling upon request, but her approach always adapts to meet the individual needs of her clients.

In her practice, Joy employs a range of therapeutic modalities, including brain spotting, TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention), art therapy, play therapy, Theraplay (parent and child interaction), ACT, DBT, and CBT. This diverse toolkit allows her to tailor her approach to each client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Outside of her professional life, Joy enjoys spending quality time with her husband, exploring outdoor activities like walking, hiking, and biking while taking in the breathtaking beauty of Colorado’s mountains and landscapes. Her personal life aligns with her professional values, emphasizing the importance of self-care and nurturing one’s mental and emotional well-being.¬†Joy’s dedication to guiding children on their path to healing and personal growth, coupled with her diverse experience and wide range of therapeutic skills, make her a valuable asset to our KidStuff team. Her ability to meet clients where they are, regardless of their background, shines through in her exceptional work.

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