Steven Falagrady, MBA, MA, LPCC
License #: LPCC.0019926

Steven and his wife adopted and raised three children who came from highly challenging environments. Raising his children ultimately motivated Steven to change his career from a focus on serving people in a technology related field to counseling children, families, couples, and individuals in full-time counseling setting. Interestingly, Steven’s technology career proved to prepare him for a move to counseling by strengthening his acute service disposition and analytical skills.

Steven earned his MA in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado (UNCO).  In addition to providing professional counseling training, the UNCO MA degree emphasized vocational assistance for those with disabilities.

Through his educational experience, Steven provided mental health counseling during his practicum for individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges.

As an employed Rehabilitation Counselor, Steven served youth through adult-age individuals with intellectual, mental health, or physical disabilities. To position himself to provide more effective counseling to those he serves, Steven immersed himself in working side-by-side individuals with mental health, substance use disorder, and various disabilities, and also invested significant hours of observation.

Steven utilizes person-centered therapy and other therapies that best fit the desires and needs of the individual or family being served. Steven is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

In his spare time, Steven enjoys hiking, running, and regular time with family and friends.