There are many reasons to enjoy services Kidstuff Child and Family Counseling, P.C.


  • KidStuff Counseling, P.C. is proud to be one of the only specialized pediatric behavioral health providers in Colorado.


  • We know that kids respond to different techniques than do adults. We provide a variety of evidence-based expressive therapies which have been proven to reduce psychological symptomology and increase overall wellness and health.


  • Unlike other behavioral health practices, all of our providers are fully licensed in the state of Colorado. With that oversight and expertise, you get the best providers available for your family.


  • KidStuff Counseling, P.C. knows that your child thrives in a healthy home. Therefore, We also treat adults and incorporate family therapy whenever necessary. We’re proud to be the place where your entire family can learn, heal and grow together.


  • We know how difficult it is to make the call for help. We have a top notch team of professionals dedicated to providing your family services as soon as possible. Most of our clients are scheduled within 7 days of your first call to our office.


  • We know how important it is for your goals to match the abilities of your therapist. We make an extra effort to connect you with the therapist most qualified for your needs. We consider things like symptomology, developmental age, presenting problem, specialization and experience of therapist, and appointment availability when matching you to your therapist.


  • We value community connections and are glad to collaborate with care providers and physicians for the most effective, holistic treatment and success.


  • We are proud to be a cornerstone in behavioral health services and an important resource for our local communities.